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We specialise in creating digital solutions and rapidly delivering effective outcomes to help individuals & communities cope and strive in current events and issues.



HelpingHomes was born out of the 2019/2020 bushfires, the worst we had seen in recorded history. Every year, high-risk fire areas prepared for the upcoming season but nothing could have prepared them for the devastation that would sweep the area.

VicEmergency was broadcasting constant updates on the spread of the fires. With each broadcast, more and more people were speaking up on every known platform, asking where and how they could help. Donations of all kinds were flowing in; it was an emotional time for everyone.

Due to this, Helping Homes was born, a free online network that connects those who need emergency housing with those who can provide it.

In a matter of hours, the technical MVP was done and posted. No one could have imagined how far it would spread. Daniel posted it to Facebook, and the sharing began. Everyone he knew started sharing the link to the site. Before he knew it, it was being shared to Facebook groups and further. It was no longer a Victorian site; requests were coming in so quickly from interstate that it became a nationwide networking site.

There are now over 1000 beds registered on the Helping Homes website. The Australian spirit can never be silenced, especially during emergencies.


Our Move builds on the ecosystem that started with Helping Homes. But instead of being a platform that reacts to disasters, Our Move will be a service that prepares for the upcoming bushfire seasons.

A central network that enables people to directly care for one another and post what they may need help with themselves.

There are plenty of communities in fire-affected and high-risk areas that have to prepare for the upcoming summer every year. It sometimes can be a long and tiresome task. Our Move is an online working bee where individuals can post their jobs they need help with, and others can volunteer their skills and time. From back burning to clearing gutters, from help write a fire plan, too buying a fireproof safe for someone who has trouble moving around. Every little bit helps.


SupportThem is a platform where consumers will be able to visually explore rural and regional communities and learn about what makes them so unique. Now also being able to reach out and interact with these businesses, customers will also find products that are available for purchase. SupportThem is designed to be a bridge between those seeking to buy Australian Made and the businesses already creating unique and quality produce and craftsmanship.

The platform will give businesses the tools to equip them in order to thrive within a new marketplace, meant not just for now, but for the years to come. This initiative is more than just about saving businesses and communities. It is about helping them grow, keep jobs in rural town and to preserve our unique landscape and culture.

It’s hard to support businesses that you don’t know exist, and even harder when you can’t physically reach out to them. SupportThem not only introduces you to the vast array of communities Australia has to offer but also brings the persona and personality to life. Capturing the spirit and culture of the community. For the first time, customers are finally able to get to know where their purchases come from and gain a once only sought after understanding of these amazing towns.


For many of us, changing the world can seem like something that would go into the ‘too hard’ basket, it is too big of a feat. What if we told you that we can give you the information to zoom in a little and change what is happening in your own economy?

WhatsMyImpact is an informational website that provides updated and unbiased information about some of the biggest industries today; superannuation, insurance and banking. Some of the biggest players are those that operate in the background. Industries like superannuation make investments in our economy on our behalf with our money. You could be indirectly supporting a movement that you do not agree with.

For too long we have entrusted our money and our support to these industries without knowing beyond face value who they are and what they stand for. That all changes with WhatsMyImpact.

HelpingGroup are an unbiased third party that just provides the latest reports in these industries. We are not aligned with any particular organisation and do not provide any special treatment. Our main objective is to provide the information so you can ensure your allies are acting on your best interests.

Through one simple quiz, you can list who you are registered with and after a few simple questions, find out their values and investments. Through WhatsMyImpact, the annual reports that these industries produce will be collated together so you do not have to dig to find your answer. Knowledge really is power. It is your money and you get to decide where it goes to build the future you want to be a part of.

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